Niche' Sales Consulting - Uncovering Your Niche' and Unleashing Your Potential!
About Us
The goal of Niche' Sales Consulting is to help businesses obtain maximum exposure and publicity they can use to increase sales and make their presence felt by others with fresh ideas. With consistent implementation of those ideas, businesses will benefit financially and boost overall morale of their sales teams. Our consulting services provide everything from developing innovative marketing strategies and campaigns to plans that include giving marketing advice and sales strategies on how to make your business more successful and profitable.
Mary E. Lake
is a dynamic Marketing Executive who specializes in Sales and Marketing Consulting and Motivational Speaking. She is considered to be a problem solver and visionary who devises the best solution for businesses. From handling customers the right way to determining the problem hindering business growth to using the right advertising techniques - these are the key componenets Mary Lake's services will provide for your organization. Her most important job is to dig deep in efforts to discover the core of what makes the customer unique and different from others in order to design a sales plan, which will maximize exposure and profits.
Mary's  motivational speaking style is one to remember.  She has the ability to captivate the audience by the words she speaks and her powerful delivery method. Audience members will leave the presentation with a sense of inspiration and an “I Can and I will” attitude. Mary's speeches are not canned or cliché. They are catered to the customer and the needs of their company. Utilizing her technique, message, and delivery method is the first step to the success of an organization.
Mary holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration and Marketing and a Bachelor's Degree in Communications. With success in her Wellness Company and previous career as a Regional Leasing and Marketing Director, as well as Territory Manager in the pharmaceutical industry, Niche' Sales Consulting brings a wealth of success and experience. Get ready!
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